This past weekend was an eventful one for my girlfriends and me! Saturday began with us jumping into the car and heading north to visit one of my favorite stores, Lilly LaGarde, in Tipton. We browsed the racks filled with goodies and talked to the kind employees. While in Tipton we also stopped by a Flea Market, but were rained out!

On the way back from Tipton, we stopped in at the Atlanta Mercantile in downtown Atlanta. Between the rain and not having a train bringing people in, it was a very slow day for them which was nice for us since we could slowly wander the aisles and look through each and every distinct piece of merchandise. I couldn't bear to leave empty handed, so I happily placed an order for several cool boxes that one of the local artists made. My group moved on south to Noblesville and had a great lunch at a quaint new cafe on Historic Noblesville Square. While on the Square we noticed the city was having an Arts & Crafts festival, so we decided to walk around to enjoy all of the paintings and other handmade crafts. There was a nice crowd, even when the rain picked back up. To seek shelter from the rain, we ducked into A Corner Cottage and wow! A Corner Cottage used to be a soda shop, but the owner remodeled it and it is now a unique shop with clothing items, wall art, clocks, candles, knick knacks and more. All of us were able to find a few little things to take home, and now we can't wait to go back to the Square. All in all it was a fun outing and my friends enjoyed wandering 2 of the 8 Great Towns of Hamilton County. For more ideas on things to do with your girlfriends in Hamilton County visit us at: