Brenda from our office spent a little time at the Hamilton County 4-H this weekend and offered a great review of her experience there (and don't forget that the fair ends today!):

The weekend beef barbecue competition at the Hamilton County 4-H Fair was a killer for those on a diet. More than a dozen grills were fired up in three different stages and soon the lovely smell of well-seasoned beef came floating through the air in Noblesville, one of our 8 Great Towns. But what made it most amazing were the young chefs manning those grills! With expert deftness, they were turning their meats, checking the temperature and focusing all-out on the task at hand. After determining their meat was just right, they'd plate it up with garnishes and frills that would make our Food Network partner Ted Allen proud! Three local chef experts sampled plate after plate (insert expression of envy here) and at the end of the competition, friends and family sampled. The fairgrounds' Lisa Hanni grabbed us a small piece of lean, delicately seasoned beef cooked by her daughter -- and it was so good it's impossible to describe. The 8 Great Towns Beef Barbecue prize package went to Carol Miller of Sheridan, followed by another prize package for Hannah Arbuckle of Carmel. What a great way to celebrate a summer's evening! -Brenda