Yesterday, several of the Hamilton County CVB staff members got out of the office and took a tour of the county.  I love seeing our 8 Great Towns, so these tours are always fun for me.  Our intern, Marisa, is going to write up a full recap of our day out (including a few photos) - but I wanted to share a Hamilton County, Indiana travel tip that I learned yesterday: [caption id="attachment_2178" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Lisa's Pie Shop in Atlanta"][/caption] Make time to visit Lisa's Pie Shop in Atlanta.  Whether it is in the jar, a full pie or just a slice - the pie is SO tasty (they also have ice cream, what goes better with a slice of pie than a scoop of cold ice cream?).  However, if you visit, make sure to take cash or a check - Lisa's does not accept credit cards, and I was so sad to leave empty handed. P/S - One other food related travel tip - if you stop by Historic Noblesville Square, go to Alexander's on the Square and don't leave without tasting their hand dipped orange pineapple ice cream - yummmmmm.