Whether you are a visiting Indiana's 8 Great Towns or live in the area - Hearthside Suppers at Conner Prairie is a perfect way to spend a winters evening. You start the evening by taking a short stroll to the 1823 Conner House, there you are greeted by costumed "hosts" who help guide you through the evening that is set back in time. A cozy fire warms the room as the entire group works together to prepare the meal, which is created from authentic early 19th-century recipes (or "receipts" as they were called then). Once the food is ready, you gather around a candle-lit table and dinner is served! After dinner, songs from the era are sung in the parlor and you are given a tour of the historic home. Several years ago, I experienced Hearthside Suppers firsthand - and it was a fun, unforgettable experience. After eating the food we helped to prepare, we all laughed and clapped as the music played. Then we learned so much about Indiana history during the home tour. The most interesting part? The "hosts!" They greeted us in costume, spoke as if they lived in 19th-century Indiana - and never dropped out of character (even during the winters storm that was briefly headed in our direction). It was an enjoyable evening that I would definitely recommend. And you still have time this year to participate - Hearthside Suppers is hosted every Friday-Sunday until March 21. Reservations are required, so call 800-966-1836 to save your spot!