In early July, the Hamilton County Convention and Visitors Bureau interns toured all eight of our great towns. In three short hours. Okay, so it is not possible to see all that Hamilton County, Indiana, has to offer in less than half a day, but they did see a highlight or two in each town. From the Underground Railroad and restaurants to parks, lakes and shops, here are some of their highlights from the community tour. "Have you tried the ice cream at the Twin Kiss Drive-in in Sheridan, Indiana?

  • We stopped in Westfield, Indiana to learn about the history of the Underground Railroad and its ties to the town. I, personally, never knew that a town this far north would have any connection with the Underground Railroad, but it definitely adds an interesting piece of history to Westfield.
  • In Westfield, we were able to see the area where the Grand Park Complex will be built. Working for the Hamilton County Sports Authority, we get to hear about this complex all the time, which made it even more exciting to see where it would be built.
  • We stopped for lunch at Grandma's Grill in Atlanta, Indiana. The owners are two sisters who do just about everything in the restaurant. They greet you when you walk in, cook the food, and visit with you when you are finished eating. They can tell you just about anything you would want to know as a visitor new to the area and are glad to do so.
  • Whether you are touring the Museum of Miniature Houses in Carmel, Indiana, eating lunch at Grandmas in Atlanta, visiting the Strawtown Koteewi archaeological collection in Noblesville, Indiana, or looking out across Morse Reservoir at Red Bridge Park in Cicero, Indiana, I can say that I now have a personal connection with what makes the each "8 Great Town" so great: a progressive appreciation for cultural preservation and family living.
  • As we were told about Arcadia's history and how it sprung up with the glass factories of Indiana's past, we passed the Tabby Tree Weaver, the Hedgehog Music Showcase, and several small art galleries. Once a booming industrial town that even had a professional baseball team, Arcadia is now a center for artisans with an enchanting Victorian appearance.

What is your Hamilton County highlight?