With fall in the air, and Halloween just around the corner, there is no better time to explore the haunted sites of Hamilton County, Indiana. We asked Nicole from Unseenpress.com to fill us in on the ghost walks & tours they offer around the county - read below for details on this unique Indiana experience: This time of year always makes me smile. Although anytime is a good time for ghosts, fall is especially exciting because Halloween and All Souls Day are just around the corner. People ask us how, when and why places are haunted. While no one can give definitive answers, we believe ghosts are all around us. They inhabit the places they loved best in life, finishing the business they have on Earth. I personally believe ghosts are transient. While they might visit or be tied to a place, they are free to go where they want. For example, Abraham Lincoln is always on the move. He's seen in the White House, on the ghost train that carried his body all over the United States, and even in the Indianapolis State House. While some people may claim these are just vibrations of past and not a real haunting, Abraham Lincoln is seen in several places on a regular basis nonetheless. Overflowing with specters, Hamilton County is no different. Our eight great towns host a plethora of phantoms, many of whom make regular appearances to unsuspecting visitors!

  • In Atlanta the apparition of a woman who waits for her railroad-worker husband to return is seen from the upper floor of a former rooming house.
  • A long-dead man watches over his home in Cicero by communicating with the owners who help keep the home in good repair.
  • A young Civil War veteran keeps watch over Westfield- and many other spirits of veterans from more recent wars are also heard in the town!
  • The ghost of a young boy lures children into his burial place in a Fishers cemetery- and occasionally turns mean.
  • A transparent woman in a white dress and shawl runs in fear through a Noblesville cemetery and disappears before visitors' eyes.
  • A Carmel office building houses the displaced spiteful spirits of a former restaurant.
  • In Sheridan, a home hosts a malevolent poltergeist that drives all occupants to leave soon after they've moved in.
  • Occasionally in Arcadia, one can hear a couple listening to a radio or see them peek out of the upper floor window of their home although they've been dead for many years.

It's been almost 10 years since Historic Indiana Ghost Walks and Tours gave its first tour. And what a ride it's been. Since that time, we've expanded into seven walking tours and six bus tours. We host weekend getaways and paranormal talks. We are also the only book publisher in Indiana dedicated to Indiana's haunted legacy Oh, and did we mention we do paranormal investigation in our spare time? Interested? Come with us and explore the haunted side of Hamilton County! Owners Nicole and Michael Kobrowski - Unseenpress.com, Home of Historic Indiana Ghost Walks and Tours For an Unseenpress event schedule, connect online, on Facebook, Ning or through email at tours@unseenpress.com.