Guest blogger Alberta Egle is a member of our Visitor Services staff. She and her husband recently satisfied a craving for Hot Dogs with a stop in Hamilton County, Indiana.

My husband and I were driving though Carmel, Indiana, and all of a sudden he saw a sign that said Zacky's Hot Dogs. Since that is one of his favorite things to eat and it happened to be dinnertime, we had to stop. We actually met Zacky, a delightful guy who welcomed us like old friends. Zacky's daughter took our order, and she was so pleasant and friendly you could tell the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. My husband satisfied his palate by having the Chicago Dog with all the fixings, and he had sweet potato fries as a side. I had the basic hot dog with mustard and relish. Both of our meals - and the customer service - more that met our expectations! Zacky's menu has any type of hot dog you might want. If you don't want a hot dog, there are other sandwiches on the menu, including Italian Beef, Zacky's Philly Cheese Steak, and Breaded Tenderloin, plus plenty of side options. They also have sausages, brats, chicken and a veggie burger. Kids can order from a special menu for kids 10 & under. If you want a delightful, informal Indiana dining spot, stop by Zacky's.