Our intern Emma recently went a luncheon meeting at a local meeting place called The Fern of Westfield and had this to say about her experience:

Interning at HCCVB has been an awesome experience, and yesterday's luncheon meeting at The Fern in Westfield was definitely the so called icing on the cake. The Fern is a lovely foursquare home in downtown Westfield that has been transformed into a meeting and event space. Upon arriving, we were greeted by the proprietor, Jane. She showed us around before the meeting and you can tell that she takes great pride in the home that was clearly restored with a lot of love and hard work. The space was absolutely charming! The walls were painted in warm, inviting shades of gold, red, and green that all looked amazing with the restored woodwork and hardwood floors. The walls were splashed with art, including, but not limited to black and white prints of the famed Normandy barn. One room held a newly installed wooden bar. Just off of that room was the bathroom, complete with retro black and white tiles and a gleaming claw-foot tub. However, this was all before I set eyes on the kitchen, which I came to find out had just won an award from Indianapolis Monthly. The shining tile backsplash was accented with painted cabinets and white old-fashioned looking appliances. It managed to be homey and fit for professional use at the same time. Speaking of professional use, Kelties was the caterer for the luncheon, so the kitchen was bustling with people preparing the feast. The partnership of Kelties and The Fern is very logical, seeing as Kelties restaurant is located just down the street from The Fern. It is also a benefit for the people who utilize The Fern because Kelties food is a downright delicious Indiana dining experience! The table was elegantly set, and as I took my place, Keltie herself sat beside me. She is a lovely lady, but I couldn't help but be intimidated because she also teaches etiquette classes over at the restaurant. I kept this in mind when the first course came. As I ate the corn chowder that was just spicy enough, I attempted to follow all the soup eating rules that I vaguely remembered from an etiquette luncheon I attended in 8th grade. However, this proved to be a difficult task because the chowder was so delicious that I had to restrain myself from licking the bowl when I'd finished! Next came an artfully plated chicken salad on a bed of fresh greens with a fresh fruit garnish. There was also an almost hidden slice of banana bread that was a sweet complement to the creamy chicken salad. But no, the lunch does not end there. Then there was chocolate cake. Chocolate cake topped with creme sauce and fresh berries and chocolate curls and yes, scrumptious fudgy frosting. So literally and figuratively, this luncheon meeting at The Fern was the icing on the cake to my time here at the bureau!