Summer is coming to an end and before you know it fall will be over here, leaving us little time left to enjoy the great outdoors of Hamilton County - or at least while it is warm! Before the season passes us by, we want to have a contest to encourage you to see another side of Hamilton County, Indiana. The idea is simple - pack up your family and camp out under the stars in beautiful White River Campground. Start early the next morning with a hike or leisurely stroll at Strawtown Koteewi Park (if it is late fall, sit back and watch the leaves change colors). Take in one of the many interpretive programs the staff offers before heading back for lunch at your campsite. Don't miss Potter's Bridge or check out one of the many free fall festivals in the area. After the busy day, slow things down with an ice cream cone at Alexander's on the Water. The next day take everyone to Geist Lake Marina and rent kayak's for a day of fun on the water. If you are in need of a fun Indiana family getaway - look no further! Here are the details: PRIZE: A gift certificate for 2 FREE overnight stays at White River Campground in Cicero, a $20 gift certificate for Alexander's on the Water in Cicero (can also be used at the Noblesville Square location) and 2 gift certificates for buy one kayak rental, get one free from Geist Lake Marina. Entrance to and programs at Strawtown Koteewi Park are free! How to win: Answer the following question in our comment section (I will keep comments turned off until the contest is over). I will throw all the names of the people that correctly answer into a hat and randomly select the winner! CONTEST ENDS ON MONDAY MORNING AT 9 AM - I WILL THEN DRAW THE NAME AND ANNOUNCE THE WINNER! QUESTION: Koteewi is a Miami Native American word meaning what? Good luck to all! hint: