When Indiana became a State in 1816, almost 20 of Indiana's 23 million acres were covered with forests. 200 years later there are only 4.7 million acres, and only about 2500 acres are untouched forests. Forests provide a vital habitat to many of our unique species of animals, insects and plants.

To celebrate Indiana's rich history and exciting future, Sustainable Indiana partnered with the state on the Tree of Hope. In April, trees will be planted throughout Hamilton County as a living reminder to future generations to use our resources and land wisely.

Hamilton County is resolved to make the next 200 years of Indiana's relationship with forests better through protecting old-growth forests, planting trees in every community.

For more information on the trees locations and tree dedication ceremonies, visit the Tree of Hope site.

Finally, the Hamilton County Tourism Bicentennial Committee would like to acknowledge Nick Svedsen, his family and Troop 107 for all their hard work on bringing the Tree of Hope to Hamilton County. The Tree of Hope would not have been possible without Nick - and his involvement represents a new generation of Hamilton County leaders.