When you put together great food, great friends and great music, you get an unforgettable night. And that is exactly what we did the other weekend at Klipsch Music Center.

 Let me back up a few years ... if you are a country fan in the least you will remember when the song "Chicken Fried" hit the radio. It was an instant hit and made the Zac Brown Band celebrities over night. I loved that song and my husband, a huge fan of country music, loved the band and quickly bought their first album and listened to it non-stop. Since then, we have never missed an opportunity to see them in concert. When we heard their "Jump Right In" tour was coming to Hamilton County my husband organized all our friends, bought tickets and put it in our schedule. 

As the date grew closer we knew we didn't just want to go to the concert, we wanted it to be an experience. Being an outdoor concert venue, Klipsch is the perfect place to plan for just that. So we bought the VIP parking pass and it was well worth it. For $25 you get a prime parking spot - but the real incentive is you are able to leave quicker than most of the other 24,000 fans because of the VIP exit!

We loaded up our cars and headed to Klipsch right at 4pm - the time the VIP parking lot opens. We came loaded down with chairs, tents and of course wonderful food!

We spent the next three plus hours hanging out and enjoying the beautiful weather.

Before we knew it, it was time to head inside for the main event. If you have the chance, splurge to enter through the VIP lounge. There are separate bathrooms, separate vendors and a covered tent to enjoy before, during and after the show.

We were off to find our seats. We have attended several shows at Klipsch in the past and have really been pleased with the lawn section. But since this was our third time to see them live, we decided to enjoy the luxury of sitting under the pavilion.

The Zac Brown Band to me showcases some of the best musician mastery there is ... and I'm not even a harsh judge of music. One of their band members, Clay Cook, jumps from instrument to instrument and is amazing. Unfortunately he didn't sing my favorite song ("Black Bird"), but that was forgotten when they did play my all-time favorite "Devil Went Down to Georgia." Unreal.

As my husband said, we have never been disappointed by a show and there is always something that surprises us. This time, it was the cover of a Metallica song. Not to mention the other bands they covered: Dave Matthews Band, the Eagles and David Gray. Who has this kind of talent?? 

The music went solid for over two hours and by the time we left I think both of us were a bit hoarse and definitely worn out from standing, cheering and singing along!

It was a great night to be outside, enjoy the company of friends and hear a phenomenal concert. Don't worry if you aren't a country fan, there are a variety of other concerts coming up so do yourself a favor and check out who is playing the rest of this summer. You'll be glad you did.