The next time you are in Noblesville, Indiana, be sure to stop in the Noblesville Visitors Center. Not only can you get the latest information about things to do in Noblesville and throughout Hamilton County, Indiana's 8 Great Towns, you also will get a visual treat from the Hamilton County Artist Association!


For the month of June the Hamilton County Artist's Association is showcasing artwork at the Visitor's Center from its Painted Ladies group. The Painted Ladies meet on Wednesday mornings at the Hamilton County Art Center on Cherry Street. They are also know as "La Belle Berets" (Because of of their trip to Paris, but that's another story!).  Their mission is to get together and paint, critique each other's works, and support each other. Some of the painters are gentlemen who often paint and lunch with the ladies.  Fun and friendship keep everyone encouraged and engaged with their art.  The group's motto is "Just Keep Painting!" And they don't get discouraged, they go to lunch. Stop by the  Visitor Center this month to see their artwork!