Our guest blogger this week is Karalee Smith. Karalee has been a part of our Visitor Center staff for about four years. This week, she grabbed a bite to eat at one of our locals' favorite restaurants.

Strolling in the heart of Westfield, IN, you can find a number of unique shops like Gallery One 36 and Stitches & Scones. Amongst the shops, I discovered Kelties, a low-key restaurant that sits directly on the square. Whether it was the inviting seating outdoors or the vibrant brick building, Kelties sparked my interest. When entering, my ears were entertained with smooth jazz as my eyes gazed through dim lighting viewing elegant seating. Kelties warm atmosphere matches perfectly with their exquisite food. The tables are draped with cotton cloth and fresh flowers. Immediately, warm rolls are given to enjoy. The lunch menu consists of soups, salads, sandwiches and entrees with reasonable prices ranging from $5-$14. Personally, I would recommend their homemade mac and cheese served with fruit and a chicken breast. The pasta reminded me of my great grandmother's secret recipe that could never be trumped - until now! Other entrees include fresh quiche, juicy steak and crisp tenderloins, but their specialty is the Beggars Purse, which is their bestselling chicken salad. Not only are all of Kelties salad dressings homemade, so are their sinful desserts. Selecting the final course was the hardest decision. Each of the homemade treats - cheesecakes, berry short cake and breaded pudding - was placed on a silver tray for me to choose. Devouring my cheesecake, I couldn't stop at one bite because of the delicious taste of graham cracker with a lemon tang to each nibble. Kelties is a diverse business. The run the restaurant, cater events and teach etiquette lessons. You can make reservations for dinner, check out their catering menu and even schedule a class on their website. I would recommend Kelties to anyone desiring quality food, reasonable prices and excellent service. Whether you are a visitor to our 8 Great Towns or a local resident, I suggest you try this unique Indiana restaurant.