Indiana is known as blue collar. It is the Midwest, after all. Hoosiers work hard and live the simple life. Family. Friends. Those are the things that matter to us the most. However, on occasion our minds might wonder, and we may dream of enjoying the finer things in life. We might wonder what it's like to discuss fine art while we sip on an excellent vintage glass of local wine, surrounded by Ferraris, Lamborghinis and other exotic cars. This might seem like an out of reach fantasy, but for those of us in Hamilton County, dreams really can come true! The following events are your tickets to living that good life.

Gallery Walk

Carmel Arts and Design District Gallery Walk
Every second Saturday in the Carmel Arts and Design District is a gallery walk night. On these nights, you can find not only all of the districts' many galleries open for your purchasing pleasure, but you can find artists in-house to answer you questions or even honing their craft right on the street corner. This area is Hamilton County’s art mecca, and it's as close to the Parisian right bank as you’ll get here in Indiana! So grab some friends, grab some croissants and get to walking.


 Art of Wine

Art of Wine
If you're trying to pick which gallery walk to attend, may I suggest July 16th, as that particular second Saturday is also Art of Wine night! For $20, patrons 21 and over can sample unlimited wines from local wineries. Not only is it a great deal for a date night, but you will also get the chance to chat it up with the wine makers themselves. This gives you a leg up for when you bring a bottle to friends’ houses this summer. Nothing is more impressive than someone who knows their wines. Those top notes? You’ll notice ‘em, but if you don't the wine makers will help you find them.


Carmel Artmobilia
On August 27th starting at noon, the district welcomes all of the mobile art pieces to the streets as guests view Artmobilia. More than just your average car show, Artmobilia showcases not only the classic but the cool and the creative in the car world. From photos to paintings, sculpture to prototypes, you are going to see something amazing. If you’re a fan of automobiles, this is one event you do not want to miss.

While you are out don't forget to take photos with your treasures and tag us with @hamiltoncountytourism and #visitHC.