In honor of Valentine's Day, we wanted to highlight one of our Hamilton County Convention and Visitors Bureau brides. In any given year, sales manager Kori Peterson helps plan dozens of destination weddings and advises local couples who need to accommodate out-of-town family and friends. While every wedding is special, the story of Heather Williams and Kyle Thomas is particularly touching. We are honored to share it here. Heather Williams and Kyle Thomas' love story began like many other 20-somethings. They met online. Then they met in person. They clicked and began dating. Then the unthinkable happened. Six months after they met, Heather's father was murdered on Valentine's Day. Heather found herself dealing with not only his death but with the trial that followed it. That didn't leave much time for a new relationship. Yet, Kyle stood by her side through it all. "Having gone through that ordeal together, we matured more and faster than some who have been married for years," said Heather. After enduring together the pain of love lost, it was no surprise that Heather said yes when Kyle proposed a year after they met. Since Heather was the family spokesperson in the court room, Kyle understood they would need to wait to plan the wedding. When Kyle got a job offer in Carmel, the couple moved from Cincinnati. Heather found a job working with special needs kids at Clay Middle School soon after. As they settled into their new life, they finally were able to plan their special day. When she started looking online for wedding ideas, Heather found Kori Peterson and the Hamilton County Convention and Visitors Bureau. "Kori has been really helpful. She helped me find Riverglen Country Club, the perfect, relaxed venue, and recommended hotels for out-of-town guests. She even helped me negotiate a special contract rate," Heather said. Kori didn't stop there. She made suggestions for the perfect backdrop for the couple's outdoor engagement photos and gave Heather and Kyle some ideas for a rehearsal dinner location. "It's been a tremendous find to be honest. For someone who can't afford to get a planner and who wants to do it on my own, it is great to have another resource," Heather said. "Kori makes it easier for a do-it-yourself girl like me." The wedding is planned for June 11, two years after Kyle proposed. Even though Heather's father won't be there to walk his daughter down the aisle, he will be at the wedding in spirit. His chair of honor will be in the front row, where her uncle will place a rose as part of the processional. Heather's younger brother will stand in at the father-daughter dance. And everyone will toast the strength, love and resilience of Heather and Kyle Thomas as they celebrate the love they've found in each other.