The staff at the Hamilton County, Indiana CVB classifies ourselves as "foodies." When we are not eating, we are talking about eating. Heck, we sometimes talk about eating when we ARE eating. We take our meals very seriously, so when a few of us decided to take our new intern, Danielle, to lunch we couldn't decide where to go - and not because of a lack of options. Do we walk to Bub's Burgers in Carmel for the famous Big Ugly Burger? Or to we drive to Noblesville for an All-American meal at the Hamilton Restaurant? But what about filling up on chicken fingers dipped in honey mustard at Nickel Plate in Fishers? We finally settled on going to Keltie's in Westfield to try the Beggar's Purse that our very own Karen Radcliff can not stop raving about. We had a great experience. We were quickly greeted at the door and sat immediately. Warm rolls were placed in front of us before we could pick up the menu. We were served our drinks, soup and entrees at a perfect pace - so we never felt like we were waiting too long or hurried along too much. I had the baked potato soup (ok AND a chicken pot pie) and every bite was better than the one before... Ashley tried the Beggar's Purse and all she said throughout the meal was "mmm... mmm..." Between bites, Intern Danielle said the quiche was fabulous. Turns out we are not the only ones who have enjoyed a great experience at Keltie's: The 4th Frog herself passed this blog post to me after I "tweeted" about our lunch - it is a quick and worth the read. So whether you are in our 8 Great Towns for a weekend getaway or are a local, be sure to make the stop at Keltie's (or any of our other amazing locally owned restaurants mentioned above) - you won't regret it!