There are weekends where I really don't want to do anything - and then there are weekends when we (my family) are out and about SO much I can't keep up with myself! This past weekend was one of those really busy weekends.

Friday night, I celebrated a friends upcoming wedding with dinner in the Carmel Arts & Design District followed by a fun party at PillowTalk (more on that celebration in post to come later this week). After we left PillowTalk, we wandered the District.

I haven't visited this area later in the evening - but it is so neat! There was live music playing on the sidewalk in front of the Tavern, people were walking, the street lights were lit, making the area look gorgeous - very cool.

Saturday was another busy day - we started with a visit to the Fishers Farm Market and ended up using our purchases to have a tasty family meal that evening. Before leaving the market, I checked out the Fishers Art in the Park event - what FUN fall festival! Live music, neat art displays and perfect weather. I wish we had had more time to really explore - but now I know to put it on my definite 2011 "To Do" list.

Sunday morning, we headed to Forest Park. My little guy climbed and ran and swung on the swings and slid down the slides. We took a short walk along a path and found ourselves at the Indiana Transportation Museum. We spent some time looking at the cool trains, and then decided to go on a caboose ride. Several Sundays in the fall, the ITM offers caboose rides - these rides are short, so it was perfect for our family (my two year old loves trains, but has a VERY short attention span). We rode up to downtown Noblesville and then back through Forest Park. My favorite part of the caboose rides is the freedom given to the riders - if you want to stay in Noblesville to walk around, shop or eat lunch- no worries, the ITM has Noblesville pick ups throughout the day. Visit for details on all of the train excursions offered, costs and a schedule.

On the way home, I had to make one last quick stop - the Conner Prairie Apple Store. Open only in the fall, the Apple Store is a long standing tradition in my life. I have to go at least ONCE each year, but I prefer several visits. Well, this was my first visit of the season, and to make up for lost time I walked out with two freshly packaged caramel apples - and one sliced apple, served in a dish, covered in warm caramel and sprinkled with nuts. Is it bad that the apple was gone before we arrived home (three minutes later)?

Well, I enjoyed MY fall Hamilton County, Indiana weekend and hope you can gather a few fun ideas for future weekend visits. Also, if you have a special tradition - share it with me in the comments section!