This past Friday was my father's 57th birthday, he came home from Cleveland to celebrate and wanted to go somewhere cool and local. We decided on going to Bub's Burgers in the Carmel Arts & Design District- in part so that my husband could eat the 1 pound "Big Ugly" burger and add his photo to the collection on the wall (photos of those that have finished the Big Ugly burger cover the walls of Bub's)... I didn't think he could do it. 1 pound (AFTER PREP) is no tiny feat. Once they set the burger in front of him, he was determined to finish it. He already had a fool proof plan- "Eat it really fast." And fast he did - it was gone in 10 minutes. I was still eating my hot dog (granted it was also giant) when he took his last bite. He proudly posed for his picture, signed the copy and left it to be hung in a prominent spot. When I asked what he thought about the dining experience, he said "Usually BIG burgers mean small on taste - but the burger was cooked right and tasted really good. I would definitely order it again.