Well, today is my 29th Birthday, and to celebrate, I am going to lunch with a few co-workers at Kona Grill in Carmel (yum, California Roll, here I come!). All of the "what do you want to do for your birthday?" questions from my friends, co-workers and husband made me think- "If I had my perfect birthday, what would it be?" For where I am in my life, my exciting birthday plans have dramatically changed. Just a few years ago, I would have picked dancing all night long with my girlfriends. Now I have a toddler - and I am tired - so what I would do with a day of free time has totally changed. SO, here goes - my ideal birthday celebration: I would start my day with breakfast at Bub's Cafe in the Carmel Arts & Design District. I love getting up early and having a good breakfast, but I also love the atmosphere (and the chai tea) at Bub's Cafe. If I was born during a warmer time of year, I would walk the Monon Trail after breakfast, but since I was not - I would head over to 28 Star Studio (also in the Arts & Design District) for a pedicure and maybe even a new hair cut. Once my toes were dry, I would certainly be hungry again, right? So I would drive to Keltie's in Westfield for a great lunch. The food there is so good that you have to slowly savor each bite. I also love that the tablecloths are all white, so you feel like you are eating somewhere fancy - but without the fancy prices. After lunch was complete, I would head over to Hamilton Town Center in Noblesville, where they have a really great IMAX Theatre. I would see a Matinee - I haven't watched a movie in a LONG time, and I miss movies! The Hamilton Town Center is an outdoor mall filled with tons of great stores, so after the credits roll, I would do a little window shopping (and maybe some actual shopping too). Once I finished with my shopping spree, I would start to head home - making sure to stop by Big Hoffa's BBQ to pick up dinner for the whole family. The BBQ there is SO delicious - just thinking about it makes my mouth water! Well, that's my dream birthday celebration! What is yours?