Later this summer, you may see some major changes happening along 8th Street in Noblesville, Indiana. Why? The Nickel Plate Arts Trail has purchased a central location to call home. The Judge Stone House, one of the oldest structures in downtown Noblesville, will soon undergo renovations to house a cultural center for the Nickel Plate Arts Trail.

Because of the Stone House's historical significance, it is a great addition to the cultural and art-related developments happening in Hamilton County. Currently, the Nickel Plate Arts ties the communities of Fishers, Noblesville, Cicero, Arcadia, Atlanta, and Tipton together. Just a block away from the Noblesville Square, the Stone House soon will become a center for residents and visitors to learn about local artisans in the Hamilton County area. Next time you are dining in downtown Noblesville, drift over towards 8th Street and Maple Avenue and see the future home of a Nickel Plate cultural center at the Stone House! For further updates on the project, check out