Baseball has walk-off dingers to win the game. Basketball has buzzer beating, half-court tosses that ignite an explosion of cheers. However, there are very few experiences for recreational athletes that compares to a hole-in-one.

The National Hole In One Association places the average golfer’s chances of hitting an ace at 12,000 to 1. Obviously, an eagle on a par-3 is rare. What is not rare is the collection of exciting par-3 holes across Hamilton County. Truth is, some of my favorite one-shooters are right here. Admittedly, I am still searching for my first ace; the following holes are just a few of my favorites that should inspire perfection.

Hole 14 at Wood Wind Golf Club in Westfield

Wood Wind’s 14th hole is modest in length at 145-yards from the blue tees, yet the visual distractions of a forced carry across water and the reflecting hardwoods are exceptional. Hope for a front tee and use the back slope to bring back to the cup.

Hole 4 at Bear Slide Golf Club in Cicero

With tee distances ranging from 96- to 166 yards, Bear Slide’s wee one-shooter can intimidate golfers with water along the entire right side and a fortified spattering of bunkers guarding the left side. Growl and take dead aim—the screams of a hole-in-one will echo across the course!

Hole 9 at Plum Creek Golf Club in Carmel

The front side at Plum Creek concludes with a clever par-3 that affords the best chance for a gallery of spectators to witness your ace. Once you peg the ball, it is 172 yards from the tee, and just a pitch from the clubhouse. The tradition of buying a round of drinks in the clubhouse is unavoidable, so toast the shot at one of the best 19th holes in the state.

Hole 17 at Purgatory Golf Club in Noblesville

The name says it all. To say that the hole branded “Hell’s Half Acre” has an inferno of pain is an understatement. With two acres of devilish bunkers, be sure to climb to the back tee for an elevated view of the signature hole at Purgatory. An ace here delivers sainthood to the golfer with the divine swing.

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