A group of 27 of my friends went to CarmelFest on July 3 and a good time was had by all! The place was packed; I would say that it was the largest crowd I have seen in all my years of attending. Walked around and saw the different vendor booths and was pleasantly surprised to find they had Starbucks, MCL, McAlister's and other new food vendors this year. I even met up with one of the Hamilton County CVB Partners, Netheads, a vendor for the first time. We all liked the layout of the event; north of fountains was pre-teen & teen area with their own stage, which was busy all the time (and we happily grooved to the music of the Wright Bros in a different area). Then south behind town hall they had area set up for young kids, with all kinds of activities for the little ones to enjoy. This was a very popular place early Friday afternoon and evening. To the east of town hall they had a Civil War encampment - these people also marched in the parade on Saturday (shot their muskets off while marching). I came back on the 4th after the parade and even though it was raining, people still were enjoying the activities for that day. I must say I found the food to purchase very reasonable and I think the families that attended enjoyed all the free activities for the children. I do believe a lot of people came on Friday since they had off and they also heard we were going to get rain most of Saturday. Traffic was handled very well, so I don't believe people had to wait that long before they were on their way home. The night of the 4th I was in awe of the spectacular fireworks - even the rain couldn't dampen all the brilliant colors. Each year Carmel grows this event and I think this was by far the best.