This past Saturday my boyfriend Marc and I had our first opportunity this summer to do whatever we pleased no weddings, parties or other plans.

With a free day ahead of us, we decided to dress in comfy clothes and head out to explore the county.  We started the day at Bubs Cafe in Carmel. As a self diagnosed coffee junkie, I was delighted to see that they had fresh brewed coffee for those waiting to be seated. I drank 4 cups of the hot, fresh roasted brew! Marc and I then ate a selection of delicious breakfast delights. He ordered the biscuits and gravy (which I stole bites of throughout the meal), while I ordered the granola, yogurt, and fruit dish, along with a side of fried potatoes (I was ½ way healthy..ha!). What I noticed the most was that with the fun decor, great location (right on the Monon Trail) and delicious food, Bub's Cafe is a truly unique Indiana dining experience. After enjoying the scrumptious breakfast, we decided to walk the Monon Trail to work off the calories we had just consumed! We walked south on the Monon Trail down to the area where the Regional Performing Arts Center is under construction. It was Marcs' first time to see the site, and he was really impressed and he cannot wait to enjoy live performances next year when it is completed. After a good workout, we headed out to run errands (grocery shopping, the bank, etc.) around Hamilton County and before we knew it, it was Saturday evening! We wanted to do something enjoyable and fun, but still inexpensive. We decided to go putt-putting at Ben & Ari's in Fishers. The competition of who would be champion began and due to a hole in 1, I beat Marc by 1 stoke -even after losing my ball twice in the water! All in all, it was a wonderful, relaxing day spent in Hamilton County. Who knows when we will have another day to just explore, but when we do there are so many places I cannot wait to discover!