Piper and Pumpkin

Our special guest bloggers today are “paws”itively adorable. Meet Pumpkin, a red retriever, and Piper, a golden doodle. These pups picked their favorite places to walk in Hamilton County - let’s just say they drool over these dog-friendly areas.

Here are the seven the girls came up with:

Central Park | Carmel

"When we aren’t running around in our backyard together, we like to frolic Central Park because of the walking trails and boardwalks. Plus, it connects off the Monon Trail."

Cool Creek Park | Carmel

"With a 90-acre park and four miles of woodland trails, I’m bound to run into friends like hikers, runners, or even birds! I can also learn more about my other animal friends and their natural habitats at the Cool Creek Nature Center.”

Coxhall Gardens | Carmel

"We don’t go off-leash, but if we could, we would run the 125 acres of Coxhall Gardens, passing the bell tower and stopping at the Children's Garden for some head rubs from children playing."

Flat Fork Creek Park | Fishers

"Water! Water! Water! There are five miles of trails out here and a pond! We love to splash in the water and swim – except our owners usually try to hold us back. Sorry, Mom and Dad."

Flowing Well Park | Carmel

"The next best thing to sleeping on dad’s feet at home is exploring the nature trail at Flowing Well. We like to chase fish in Cool Creek"

Forest Park | Noblesville

"I love Forest Park because of their connecting trails to downtown Noblesville! There’s nothing I love more than a sweet treat at the Square after exploring the trails—what a perfect evening!

MacGregor Park | Westfield

"Our owners seem to like to take a lot of pictures out here. No wonder - the park has rolling hillsides, woodlands, creeks and native prairies – plenty of spots for us to roll around and sniff!"

Ritchey Woods Nature Preserve | Fishers

"Our tails won’t stop waggin’ when we visit here! Next to car rides, belly rubs and treats, we love visiting Ritchey Woods – mostly for the trails and shaded areas from the woodlands!"

Strawtown Koteewi Park | Noblesville

"We can’t do archery, ride the horses or glide on the zip lines, but we sure do get excited about the hiking trails out here! With 750 acres of land, we could spend the whole day roaming around."

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