Yesterday marked the 3 year anniversary of my husband and I getting married. In 3 years time we have done so much (bought a house, had a baby) that we decided to take it slow for the celebration. We handed the little guy over to a trusted sitter and drove to Peterson's Restaurant in Fishers... Now, we are not used to the kind of comfortable luxury that is Peterson's. In the past 15 months since C was born, we have been more of the pick up a quick meal kind of people. As soon as we walked in, we were treated like royalty. The hostess took our name and said "Happy Anniversary! Would you like a picture to mark the occasion?" Johnny and I have a lot of strengths as a married couple, but picture taking is not one of them, so we passed on the photo. The hostess then led us back to a dimly lit corner booth. The first thing we noticed was that the restaurant was pretty full, but still quiet enough to where we could hear each other and actually have a conversation. Our server, Bill, was quick to greet us and we never felt a lag between courses. We started with jumbo lump crab cakes for me - yum - and a lettuce wedge with blue cheese crumbles, dressing, tomato and bacon for him. We both ordered the filet, and they came out cooked to order. I added scallops to my filet and he topped his with a creamy garlic butter. The sides were large enough for 2 (or more) to share - so we also sampled a variety of perfectly cooked side items (more on those in a moment). The entire time we ate, we talked about dessert. To our surprise, they were kind enough to bring us a complimentary chocolate-y fudge type of dessert (that was covered in a raspberry sauce) to share in the joy of our anniversary. Did I mention the 2 glasses of tasty Riesling (I can't remember which Riesling I selected from the long wine list, but I am sure that Bill can remember) or the sweet truffles that are given to each guest as they depart? After we left I asked Johnny what he would say if he were to blog about the experience. Here is what he said:

I ordered the double filet and ate every bite of the perfectly cooked dish... I regrettably had to share the side items with my wife because the creamed spinach, asparagus and au gratin potatoes were amazing. At one point I left the table for no more than 2 minutes, and when I came back she had eaten almost every bite of the chocolate dessert. I had to fight her off for the last few bites.

If you are here for a romantic Indiana getaway or are looking for an unforgettable (local) Indiana dining experience, visit Peterson's Restaurant. You will not leave hungry OR disappointed.