A little incentive, some accountability and local art can help your 2013 resolution stick. New Year's resolutions get their due on Jan. 4, 12 p.m.-8 p.m., during a Nickel Plate Arts First Friday Open House in Noblesville. Share your resolution, no matter what it may be. Nickel Plate Arts will check back with you in December 2013 to see how you have done. The person who has accomplished the most toward their resolution will win a prize!

You don't have to come up with your resolutions all on your own. We asked two Nickel Plate Arts artists to share how they approach the new year.

Reflecting and Prioritizing for Greg Adams
Greg Adams is the craftsman behind Handmade Willow Rustic in Lapel, Indiana. Greg is an Indiana Artisan who has been constructing furniture for nearly 30 years.

Following the crazy Christmas rush, I sit down in my comfortable rocker, warm and snug by the wood stove in my shop and reflect upon the past year and speculate about the one that is imminent.

These reflections do not take the absolute form of resolutions that often involve self-denial of some type. I try to make a list on my planing pad of major mistakes and missteps of the past year and strategize a plan to correct or eliminate them.

Usually this involves curbing my often overly optimistic outlook, and finding ways to say no to shows that have become unproductive or just too much of an uphill fight. I also try to decide what items were successful and do more of them, and items that were not and do less. In the last few years I have often decided to work less and play more.

I have to curb my impulse to work harder, faster and more and to be less competitive with myself. Looking forward to the future more often involves tweaking rather than keeping an absolute resolution.

Carol Griffith's "Aquatic" Ambitions
Carol Griffith is a photographer, watercolorist and greeting card artisan from Cicero, Indiana. She is a member of HCAA and has been accepted into the Hoosier Salon. She has a lively sense of humor that she relies on daily. Carol lets us in on three things she will be working on in 2013.

Today at my water aerobics class at the Fishers YMCA, our instructor, Jill, said to us several times during the session, "Squeeze, breathe and smile."

I have given this some thought and decided it is what I should do in the coming year.

Squeeze in my stomach, butt and abs. Also, squeeze my husband, squeeze the hand of strangers and friends, and squeeze the cheeks of my grandchildren (that embarrasses them so). I have always been a hugger, so now I will also be a squeezer. Carol the Geezer Squeezer. I am hoping there are no restraining orders issued.

Breathe. Sometimes I just get so busy and excited that I talk too much and I forget to breathe. I should sometimes allow my friends a word or two in the conversation. But I usually make them laugh by putting my foot in my mouth, or saying something snarky. I just need to take a breath or two occasionally and think before I speak. This will be difficult and could affect my personality. I will give it a try.

Smile. Easy for me to do, I haven't had any facial plastic surgery!

Nickel Plate Arts is a project of the Hamilton County Convention and Visitors Bureau and is located in the historic Judge Stone House (107 S. 8th St., Noblesville).