One of my favorite things about Indiana is that the seasons change. Leaves turn bright shades of orange, red and yellow in the fall; white snow covers the ground in the winter; and the grass turns a vibrant shade of green in the spring. While I love the changing seasons, I do miss the fun outdoor concerts, farmers markets, park visits of spring, summer and fall. So, when it gets too cold to do those fun outdoor activities- I eat! Every week this winter I will highlight 1 of my favorite Hamilton County, Indiana restaurants. As a foodie (my definition of foodie is simply someone who loves to eat), I will happily talk about the small diners, the hole in the wall eateries, the fancy French bistros, the big restaurants and more. NOW, onto the good stuff - enjoy, and feel free to share your own favorite Hamilton County, Indiana dining spots! 

Big Hoffa's Smokehouse BBQ - This mouth watering, perfectly seasoned smoked BBQ is a must for both residents and visitors alike. I had my first Big Hoffa's experience 3 years ago at a little work gathering - I will never forget the first few bites of that delicious sandwich. Big Hoffa's opened it's doors in the winter of 2003, and since then the owner, Adam Hoffman, has been perfecting his sauce and array of entrees. The meat on the ribs fall right off the bone, the beef brisket is slow cooked for 30 hours and jerky is not your average stuff. Also, a visit to Big Hoffa's will not break the bank - single meals (including drinks & 2 sides) are available for less than $10, and a family of 8 can have a full meal for $50! Check out their menu here. An 8 Great Towns getaway is not complete without a stop for BBQ at Big Hoffa's in Westfield!