Every week this winter, we will highlight one of our Hamilton County, Indiana restaurants. We had a taste for pizza, so this week we stopped by Jan's Village Pizza. 

From the minute you pick up the menu, you know right away you're in for a different kind of pizza. Right on Jan's menu it says, "Sure, we could make cheap pizza, but there are other places that do that."  At Jan's, you'll find gourmet pizzas loaded with a variety of toppings like grilled fajita chicken or feta cheese over tzatziki sauce. (Don't worry, you can get your traditional sausage or pepperoni too.) If you want to leave the topping selections to the experts, you can try one of Jan's creations. Select The Special to experience the "ultimate" pizza with seven toppings smothered with Wisconsin cheese on a special handmade crust. It may be hard to choose just one of the 17 other gourmet pizzas on the menu like The Mexican Meltdown, The Italian Farmer's Pizza or the Chicken Alfredo Pizza. On our last visit, the family decided on the Buffalo Chicken pizza, and we didn't have a slice to spare. In hindsight, I wish we also would have ordered the Apple Bosco Sticks, breadsticks covered with butter and cinnamon and served with caramel dipping sauce. Oh well, there's always next time. One other to like about Jan's is the atmosphere. You can enjoy your food while talking and relaxing with your family and friends. Translation: no distracting giant flat-screen TVs blasting sporting events. If you can't dine in at either the Sheridan or the Westfield location, call in a carryout order or ask about delivery.