Every week this winter we will highlight one of our favorite Hamilton County, Indiana restaurants. This week, we're going Italian and highlighting a local favorite, Maggiano's Little Italy.

Take a look at their menu. What is there not to love about all of those selections? At Maggiano's, you can easily find your favorite dish and order it again and again, or try something new every time you visit. They have all the traditional Italian favorites - spaghetti, ziti, ravioli, lasagna - and unique dishes like Chef KB's Lobster Carbonara, which is what I ordered the last time we went for dinner.

The portion sizes are huge. Not only was I able to share a taste of the creamy noodles and the giant bites of lobster, I took home enough to have the rest for lunch the next day. I might have been able to finish it at the restaurant, but I had to have one of their chopped salads too. Blue Cheese crumbles, prosciutto and a lemony house vinaigrette make this a "must have" for me! While I went with just my husband on this last visit, Maggiano's also is a great place for a family dinner or a workplace celebration away from the office. If you have four or more in your party, you can order from their family-style menu. Scroll all the way down to the bottom and look at those dessert choices! When you drive by the restaurant, it always looks like they're busy. But when you go inside, you always receive great service, even if there is a wait. If somehow you've managed to miss the food and fun of Maggiano's, you need to add it to your list of must-try restaurants. Maggiano's is just our latest stop on our winter culinary tour. Where should we visit next?