One of my favorite things about Indiana is that the seasons change. Leaves turn bright shades of orange, red and yellow in the fall; white snow covers the ground in the winter; and the grass turns a vibrant shade of green in the spring. While I love the changing seasons, I do miss the fun outdoor concerts, farmers markets, park visits of spring, summer and fall. So, when it gets too cold to do those fun outdoor activities- I eat! Every week this winter I will highlight one of my favorite Hamilton County, Indiana restaurants. As a foodie (my definition of foodie is simply someone who loves to eat), I will happily talk about the small diners, the hole in the wall eateries, the fancy French bistros, the big restaurants and more. NOW, onto the good stuff - enjoy, and feel free to share your own favorite Hamilton County, Indiana dining spots!

Matteo's - In 1999, Matteo DiRosa moved to the States from Sarleno, Italy. After years of experience of working in his brother's restaurant, he decided to open his own place on the Noblesville Square. This classically inspired Italian restaurant is housed in an historic building complete with a tin ceiling and cozy little booths reminiscent of nostalgic urban restaurants of the 1940s. The wait staff also harkens back to a time when service featured knowledgeable, professional staff who seem genuinely interested in your personal dining happiness. To make this happiness comes true, they start by bringing you the best basket of crusty, hearty Italian bread you have ever eaten. As you are dipping and sloshing your way through a bowl of olive oil (using the bread as your tool -- although quite frankly it's gilding the lily as the bread is good enough to stand on its own unadorned) ... You can browse through the menu of reasonably priced items with both traditional and contemporary Italian offerings. If you're looking for something rich, the tortellini cannot be beat. The creamy sauce includes peas and the tortellini are fresh and cooked just perfect. The lasagna is that hearty kind that makes your eyes light up as they place it down in front of you and comes to you oozing with cheese and dressed with fresh marinara sauce. All of the sauces are fresh and the pasta cooked just right. Matteo's also has an amazing Caesar Salad, which is just the right compliment to any meal. It's prepared in the old-fashioned way, which gives it the complex layers it's supposed to have. According to a fellow 8 Great Towns staffer, Judy Erner, their Delizia Limone - a tart lemon dessert that is to die for is a great way to finish off your meal.