One of my favorite things about Indiana is that the seasons change. Leaves turn bright shades of orange, red and yellow in the fall; white snow covers the ground in the winter; and the grass turns a vibrant shade of green in the spring. While I love the changing seasons, I do miss the fun outdoor concerts, farmers markets, park visits of spring, summer and fall. So, when it gets too cold to do those fun outdoor activities- I eat! Every week this winter I will highlight 1 of my favorite Hamilton County, Indiana restaurants. As a foodie (my definition of foodie is simply someone who loves to eat), I will happily talk about the small diners, the hole in the wall eateries, the fancy French bistros, the big restaurants and more. NOW, onto the good stuff  enjoy, and feel free to share your own favorite Hamilton County, Indiana dining spots!

Mudsocks Grill - The best way to describe this great place is that it is a classic sports bar with a refined feel. I had heard that from friends that Mudsocks Grill is an amazing place, so about a month ago my fiance and I decided to try it out.  As soon as we walked in the door, we instantly felt comfortable.  The lobby is warm and inviting and the restaurant itself has large big screen TVs placed throughout.  My fiance loves sports, but I do not, so I appreciated that we could go, enjoy the game and still easily carry on a conversation with each other. Not only is the service exceptional, but the food is fabulous!  We have each tried, and enjoyed, numerous entrees (as we have now gone there 5 times in 1 month)  Our favorite item on the menu is the Bird, a mouth-watering chicken sandwich.  The entree comes with a side and we recommend the mac and cheese - it is a cheesy delight. Another favorite dish is the Windy City Blues; a linguine pasta tossed with blue cream cheese sauce, peppers, onions, and topped with blackened chicken and blue cheese crumbles. I love blue cheese but I had never ever heard of it on pasta - now that I have, I am an addict. Go - and ENJOY!