One of my favorite things about Indiana is that the seasons change. Leaves turn to bright shades of orange, red and yellow in the fall; white snow covers the ground each winter; and the grass becomes a vibrant shade of green in the spring. While I love the changing seasons, I do miss the fun outdoor concerts, farmers markets, and park trips of spring, summer and fall. So, when it gets too cold to do those fun outdoor activities- I eat! Every week this winter I will highlight one of my favorite Hamilton County, Indiana restaurants. As a foodie (my definition of foodie is simply someone who loves to eat), I will happily talk about the small diners, the "hole in the wall" eateries, the fancy French bistros, the big restaurants and more. NOW, onto the good stuff - enjoy, and feel free to share your own favorite Hamilton County, Indiana dining spots!

Restaurant of the Week - Week 2 "Cook good, serve generous, price modestly, and people will come." These words to live and nosh by have been the guiding philosophy of Shapiro's Delicatessen and Cafeteria since 1905. A mix of the great service and generations of family recipes encourage more than 2,000 customers drop in each day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is far and away Indiana's, and many would argue the Midwest's, prime forum for corned beef and pastrami piled high on rye or egg bun and for matzo ball and chicken noodle soups, and for such comfort foods as Swiss steak, baked chicken, meat loaf, macaroni and cheese, and unconscionably high-rise pies, cakes, and pastries. And it is perhaps the last Hoosier haven for smoked pickled tongue. For menu, prices and hours visit