Calling all cyclists, adventurers, outdoor enthusiasts, exercise fiends and travel lovers: What better way to celebrate National Bike Month in May than to try out Indiana’s newest interconnected bike route, USBR35? This route runs 360 miles, north to south, through 15 counties. Ride along the nationally-approved pathways and experience rural scenery, local hospitality and historical landmarks spread throughout several charming towns.

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced cyclist, USBR35 offers everyone a unique Midwest traveling excursion. For those not interested in a week long bicycle tour, explore the entirety of Hamilton County (50 miles) on a day or weekend trip.

Ready to ride? Strap on your helmet (safety first!) and head to for county descriptions, lists and maps of the counties’ amenities and other resources.



Before we send you on your way, a little history lesson:

USBR35 joins a national movement-spearheaded by Adventure Cycling Association (ACA) to provide cyclists with safe and affordable routes spanning across the country. To date, 24 states and 11,000 miles are dedicated to the project. Eventually, 50,000 miles of pathways will go from shore to shore to feed into the growing market of cycling tourism.

Since 2012, Indiana Trails has worked with ACA to have the route approved. As Indiana’s first interconnected and statewide bike route, USBR35 is proud to make Indiana a more bike-friendly destination.

Learn more about trails and cycling in bike-friendly Hamilton County, Indiana here.