Guest blogger Jennifer Stringer writes about fascinating people and fun places in Central Indiana. This week she visited Seasons 52 restaurant. 

Seasons 52 is one of those restaurants that you drive by and think to yourself, "Wow, they must have good food  because it always looks busy." Well, they do have good food. In fact, they have a whole menu of fresh, seasonal items, including salads, seafood, soups, meat and poultry, and flatbreads. The bonus: their entrees are all 475 calories or less!  

I started with a bowl of shrimp and clam cioppino (that's a fancy word for fish stew according to Wikipedia) -- the perfect comfort food for the dreary Sunday I decided to visit. Since it was my first time there, I went with my friendly server's recommendation: the fish tacos. I'd give the tacos an A+ for both presentation and taste. I could have eaten all three tacos, but I decided to be nice and take one home for my husband. I didn't realize I also would get a salad with my meal, so I had plenty of food to savor. Confession-I wasn't sure a 475 calorie entree would be enough, but I was wrong. 

After the main course, I still had room for one of their mini-indulgences, a dessert served in a shot glass that has just enough indulgence for one. They have eight different dessert options, including mocha macchiato, key lime pie, and Belgian chocolate rocky road. I think I could have had a spoonful of each of them, but I went with the raspberry chocolate chip cannoli and I wasn't disappointed. 

Seasons 52 changes its basic menu four times a year with the seasons, and each week they have what they call "new market inspirations" and specials on the menu too (that's where the 52 comes in). This could easily become your favorite restaurant because there's always something new. Hurry in if you want a taste of their summer flavors because they will be changing to their fall menu in a few weeks. I'm sure whatever they have on their new menu will be delish too. 

In addition to their diverse menu offerings, the restaurant has a nice atmosphere. Quiet music and dim lighting create a casual, yet upscale vibe for a quiet dinner for two or an adults-only meal. And I have to say "thank you" to my two servers-Ricky L. and Lauren. Thanks for the excellent customer service. 

I happened to stop in at just the right time so it wasn't too crowded, but I would strongly suggest you make a reservation here or call (317) 846-5252 if you are going there for dinner. I know I'll be going back so my husband can order his own fish tacos! 

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