Group gifts are always the toughest to buy. How do you “wow” an entire family of diverse ages? Gifts to pass around and share are often the best bet. And something sweet is always a plus. Treats like specialty fudge, Christmas cookie boxes and local restaurants gift cards are perfect to divvy up.


Gourmet Chocolate

Xchocol'Art, Carmel

Food Souvenir: gourmet chocolate from an award-winning chocolatier


Guacamole, Queso & Salsa

Texy Mexy, Noblesville

Food Souvenir: delicious dips and chips


Cold Brew

Java House, Carmel & Clay Terrace

Food Souvenir: cold brew pods in a variety of flavors


Baked Goods

No Label at The Table, Carmel

Food Souvenir: gluten and dairy-free goodies made by staff on the Autism Spectrum



Kernels Gourmet Popcorn, Carmel

Food Souvenir: freshly popped flavored popcorn



The Cake Bake Shop, Carmel

Food Souvenir: gourmet cakes, pies and pastries



Angelo's Italian Market, Fishers

Food Souvenir: fresh, homemade pasta and sauces



Four Day Ray Brewing, Fishers

Food Souvenir: growler or cans of your favorite local brew



West Fork Whiskey, Westfield

Food Souvenir: 100% Indiana whiskey from grain to glass



Spencer Farm Winery, Noblesville

Food Souvenir: bottles of local fruit wine 

For groups of three of more, a gift to share is quite suitable. Be sure to pick up a food souvenir for yourself Your appetite (and memory) will thank you!

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