Are you and your girlfriends looking for a shopping getaway? Hamilton County residents do not have to venture far for a day of fun! Instead of hassling with the mall traffic and browsing the same old stores, stroll down the streets of the Noblesville Square to enjoy an afternoon of shopping for unique treasures. The stores cater to a variety of customers, so everyone has a chance to find the perfect purchase. Most of the shops on the square are open from 10:30-5:00pm. The boutiques are all within walking distance and they outline the 1879 Courthouse.

The Courthouse is not the only astonishing artifact; the Logan Village Mall sells antiques, from 1950 street signs to handcrafted clothing. Hamilton County has another antique store, located in the Carmel Arts and Design DistrictThe Carmel Old Town Antique Mall is a two story building filled with layers of artifacts. Each category of heirlooms is broken into rooms that flow together. Check out the music room which is stacked with records from different eras, or the room filled with manikins displaying old fashion jackets and attire. Peak through the glass display cases to gawk at the jewelry dated back decades ago.

If you are shopping for gifts that are more modern, a Corner Cottage, Adrienne's Flower and Gift Shop, and Old Picket Fence are your next stops. A Corner Cottage carries home décor, vintage furniture, and hand crafted items. The front counter displays jewelry for the impulse buyers. A Corner Cottage also carries an assortment of accessories such as a fashionable purses and rings. However, if you are looking for fine jewelry, Smith's Jewelers has a collection of diamonds, necklaces, watches and earrings. Smith's even offers repair services for both watches and jewelry.

For the fashionista, Karisma carries the latest style of clothing. To avoid purchasing the same shirt as your friend, Karisma only has a few sizes in each style so that your purchase can feel customized. Other clothing shops can be found in the Carmel Arts and Design District. Mary and Martha's Exceedingly Chic Boutique has a wide selection of sizes and designs to meet women's body types. Understanding shopping for clothing can be frustrating when you can't find your size, but the boutique carries multiple designers and within each collection the sizes fluctuate. A store that specializes in undergarments is Pillow TalkPillow Talk is a cozy boutique that offers couture lingerie, crafted jewelry, and skin care for women. Regardless of your style or what treasure you want to find, Hamilton County boutiques will fulfill your need!