The first time I visited the Simply Sweet Shoppe in the Carmel Arts & Design District was about a year ago. At that time, one of the owners said "Every town needs a candy shop and that is what we want to give Carmel." I could not agree more! However, The Simply Sweet Shoppe has taken the idea of a typical small town candy store to a whole other level. I stopped in this morning and was immediately greeted by candy-filled glass pillars. Colorful jars of bubble gum, chocolates, jellybeans, gummy worms and lollipops rested on shelves. Scoopers rested next to each container, ready to fill up bags with sweet treats (and there were a LOT of containers). Specialty candy sat behind glass protectors. There were pops of color with the pink, blue, yellow chairs, pictures and decorations. Just above, but still connected to, the shop children were heard laughing and playing. Tables & chairs were set up outside so people could sit and thoroughly enjoy their indulgence. I also noticed a couple of other things. The first is that the shop owners are very involved in the community; blue & gold candies were proudly displayed (the colors of local Carmel High School), tv shirts and buttons from local concerts & events were hung on the walls, and art from the local Museum of Miniature Houses was set out. The other thing I observed was that every song was about sugar, sweets or candy (Lollipop, lollipop, oh lolli, lolli...). How creative is that? This shop is a must; you will NOT leave in a bad mood! By the way, as I type I am eating some kind of milk chocolate peanut treat that is so delicious. Why did I only buy 2?