Three members of our dedicated 8 Great Towns staff took on the "challenge" of reviewing one of our new partners, Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt. Emma, Kori and Chris popped into the Carmel store Monday afternoon and here are some highlights from their "research." First Impressions "I first noticed that everything (including the biodegradable spoons) is my favorite color: bright orange!" (Emma) Decor that I could best describe at Austin Powers' living room meets an orange and vanilla twist cone. (Chris) Memorable Moments At Orange Leaf, you can sample and choose from about 15 daily flavors - out of the 50+ flavors the store offers. Then you add on your favorite toppings and pay for your creation by its weight. Our reviewers had a hard time choosing, so they went with a little of everything! "They allow you to mix which ever flavor you want. You can have strawberry lemonade, brownie batter, wedding cake and pineapple all together if that is what you want." (Kori). "They had a topping bar that would make Willy Wonka blush: Reese Cups, Twix bars, fruit (gross I know), sprinkles and even Gummy Life Savers." (Chris) What they ordered Emma's Choice: "I picked the brownie batter and butter pecan swirl as the base of my creation. I had trouble deciding so I chose a little of each thing that sounded good: a sprinkle of Heath crumbs, a dash of crunched Butterfinger, a chunk of Twix, a couple bites of brownie, and one mini peanut butter cup. Oh, and then I topped it with chocolate hard candy shell. Kori's Selection: "I sampled the wedding cake and butter pecan. After sampling those two, I knew what I was having! Both flavors! I had a hard time choosing which toppings I wanted so I added a little of a lot. I had a Twix, Reeses Cups, Junior Mints, a cookies and cream square, a brownie bite, Heath bits, cookie dough and a Kit Kat. Chocolate was my theme and boy did I devour it." Chris' concoction in order of deliciousness:

  • Raspberry Lemonade with Strawberry Juice Balls and Blueberries
  • Brownie Batter with Hersey's Cookie and Cream candy
  • Peanut Butter with Twix candy
  • Cookies and Cream with Junior Mints

Perhaps Emma summed up their experience the best: "Perhaps I went a bit overboard for my first time, but now that I've tried it I'm sure there are more fun Orange Leaf combinations to come. Once you have a chance to visit, tell us about your frozen yogurt masterpiece. We'll pass your recommendations on to Emma, Kori and Chris so they can try your suggestions on their return visit - which will undoubtedly be soon! The Orange Leaf in Carmel, Indiana, is at 2760 E. 146th Street; the Fishers, Indiana location is at 11675 Olio Road. (photos courtesy of Orange Leaf in Carmel)