Hamilton County Convention and Visitors Bureau Executive Director Brenda Myers was among a select crowd to receive a sneak peek at the newest interactive exhibit at Conner Prairie Interactive History Park - 1863 Civil War Journey: Raid on Indiana. Here are her thoughts on the experience.

The evening started with the Union flag corps marching its way into the room to the sounds of the drum and fife. That's when my goosebumps started. The serious soldier re-enactors couldn't have looked more realistic. A female costumed Civil War era interpreter took the stage and begged the crowd to rally around the cause -- to help protect Hoosier families as Morgan's Raiders were on their way into the state. Help was needed! It was another magical Conner Prairie moment, and it was a thrill to be there as Conner Prairie unveiled its upcoming "1863 Civil War Journey" to an enthralled sneak preview crowd Tuesday night. Long known for its innovative living history presentations, the museum has decided to enter a new era of historical interpretation, and it made me feel very proud to be affiliated with such a leader in the field. Knowing that Conner Prairie Executive Director Ellen Rosenthal would be accepting the nation's highest award for museum professionalism later this month helped fuel the pride in this new adventure for the interactive history park -- reinacting Morgan's Raid, a little known story about Indiana's involvement in the Civil War. Who better to take on the sensitive but often-told subject of the Civil War that this world renowned museum? And how exciting that it will blend the best of both worlds -- first person interpretation along with new age technology -- to do so. Not only will this be a great opportunity for local residents and school children to be immersed in the year 1863, but no doubt travelers to the area will find a visit to Conner Prairie a must-see. June can't come soon enough in my mind, when the Civil War Journey will open. Only six months until we can see Conner Prairie make history once again.