I want to play on that stage. Yes, you guessed it - that's the most overheard phrase in the Palladium right now. John Hughey, Public Relations Manager for The Center for the Performing Arts, has some exciting news on how YOU can be among the first on the Palladium stage.

As the concert hall nears its January grand opening, the Palladium staff has enlisted 40 community musical groups to help with sound checks and acoustical adjustments. From bluegrass to classical, harps and guitars, the Palladium stage has just about seen it all - and that's before it even officially opens. Now, about that "I want to play on that stage" musing. Guess what? It doesn't have to be wishful thinking. Getting on stage is a reality for musicians of all ages and skill levels. On January 22, that wish to perform on the Palladium stage is yours for a song: literally. Take Center Stage at the Palladium is a day-long talent showcase. Pull out your harmonica. Sing a love song or grab that six-string in the hall closet. When else will you have the chance to be one of the first to play the Palladium? Here's how to make it happen (aka the fine print): Interested musicians are required to register online at www.TheCenterForThePerformingArts.org. Submit a 100-word essay describing why you are ready to Take Center Stage at the Palladium. Auditions are December 28 or December 29. Then, selected performers will be notified on January 7 via email if they have advanced to perform on Community Day on January 22. Musical acts selected to Take Center Stage at the Palladium must be capable of carrying their own equipment onto stage and will be required to set-up within five minutes. The Palladium will provide microphones and a piano. Registration is limited to 200 online submissions. Oh, and if you aren't the musical type - come out anyway to hear how amazing the Palladium sounds. Check out www.TheCenterForThePerformingArts.org for the complete list of Community Day events.