Are you sad that the Tenderloin Tuesday specials of summer are over? Don't fret, many Hamilton County restaurants offer the Hoosier specialty year-round! From hearty beer-battered to healthy grilled, you can find a tenderloin to your liking along the Tenderloin Trail any time.

You can ask anyone on the staff here at the Hamilton County Visitors Bureau where they found their favorite tenderloin, and it is always a subject for a very heated debate. Our Sales Manager Kori swears by Sahm's breaded tenderloin. "I just love the bun and it has just the right amount of crispiness," she confesses.  

Others love the tried and true Dooley O'Toole's version that is available as a special year round on Tuesdays. Our staffers cite several reasons for their choice, namely that the size is outrageously large and that the pork is locally acquired from Joe's Butcher Shop. Another choice that's stood the test of time is the Nickel Plate Bar & Grill's gigantic breaded tenderloin. This award-winning tenderloin has been featured in Indy Men's Magazine and was in the running for the Super 46 Sandwich competition.  

If you'd like to try your hand at making your own breaded tenderloin, try the recipe featured in Midwest Living. Or if you'd rather leave the frying to the professionals, select a location to try from our Tenderloin Trail list (or try them all!) 

Yet another debate tied to the Hoosier tenderloin is what to put on top of them. Some prefer pickles, others just mayo, and others still choose to drag their sandwich through the garden. Comment on this post by Thursday, October 18 at 4 p.m. and share with us how you top your tenderloin, or how you think you would if you have yet to try one. We'll pick 1 lucky commenter to win a prize pack of 3 gift cards to restaurants that offer their own version of the tenderloin: Wolfie's Grill in Fishers, Zacky's Hot Dogs in Carmel, and the roaming Hoosier Fat Daddy Bus Café!  

The contest is now closed:
Congrats Matthew Williams! You've won our blog contest, enjoy your prizes and trying your first Hoosier tenderloin!