Alrighty Hoosiers: You’re about to retract my dedicated-citizen-of-Indiana card, so allow me to prepare my argument:
•    I’ve embraced our unusual dialect {“Ver-SALES” vs. “Ver-sigh,” “Stoo-BEN” vs. “STEW-ben,” etc}.
•    I’ve worked for our State Department – ask me anything about the Indiana State Park system!
•    I’ve even started to discern the difference between IndyCar and NASCAR.

TenderloinBut I have never, in my 14 years of visiting Indiana, nor in my five years of residency, eaten a tenderloin sandwich. Should I allow that to sink in for a moment? Are you thinking back to the countless tenderloins you have consumed, wondering how on earth I could call myself a Hoosier?

Well thankfully, the incredible folks at Hamilton County Tourism took mercy on me and sent me out to devour my first at Woodys Library Restaurant of Carmel. As we were seated, I smiled because our view from the outdoor deck was of… the Hamilton County Tourism offices. Almost as if they were cheering me on in my new adventure.

Now, I’ve also never visited Woodys, which was a fascinating opportunity as well. Originally dedicated as Carmel’s public library in 1914, the structure itself is historic and worthy of a quick tour through the dining room.

But back to the tenderloin – I was shocked to be the only member of my family to order one. I’ve seen their massive profile: Normal-sized bun, lettuce and tomato, huge piece of breaded pork violating the size of the plate and then some.  So when our dinner came out and mine was still in the kitchen, it whet my appetite even more. Woodys quickly apologized as apparently another server had well, served my sandwich to a different table. The wait was on and they didn’t disappoint with the second attempt: Bun, check. Tomato/lettuce, check. Breaded meat, double check. Woodys

“Do you put any kind of sauce on this?” I quickly whispered to my father-in-law.
“Just a little mayonnaise,” he smiled.

And we were off. So while my purview on what-makes-a-fabulous-tenderloin right now only consists of one entry in the category, I must say that as I took a bite, a felt something gratifying take over: I was one step closer to being officially promoted to “Hoosier.”

Woodys Library Restaurant is located at 40 E. Main Street in downtown Carmel. Hamilton County is celebrating Tenderloin Tuesdays from June 28 - July 26 along the Tenderloin Trail in Hamilton County, IN. Follow #TenderloinTuesday to see all the tasty tenderloins. Plus, tag your own pictures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with #TenderloinTuesday for your chance to win tasty gift cards!


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