It’s summer, and we’ve entered the beautiful window of time when restaurants give you great deals on tenderloins.

TenderloinI like to put tenderloin sandwiches in the same category as Chicago deep dish pizza. You think you can handle a lot of it, but you can’t. Pretty much every time I indulge in the Hoosier delicacy, I try to order my own. It’s always a mistake, because they are SO. VERY. ENORMOUS. It’s important to recognize this, and go halfsies with someone on the sandwich. Unless you’re a huge linebacker. Or some kind of bottomless-pit Hoosier boss.

I met my husband at Sahm’s for lunch one day to do our delicious Indiana duty. I did the thing where I figured we needed to order two tenderloins, and he talked me out of it. So I ordered nachos for an appetizer in an act of defiance. And regretted it, of course. Sahm's

Sahm’s makes a truly killer breaded tenderloin. (Most restaurants also offer a grilled version, but I can’t understand this. If you’re gonna do it, then go the distance.) They pound it super thin and bread it to crispy perfection, then throw it on a seemingly tiny bun and add lettuce, tomato, pickles and mayo. I like to slice the tenderloin in half and stack them on the bun, and I deviate a little and add yellow mustard to the package.

I love these sandwiches. They are yet another delightful thing I’ve embraced since becoming a Hoosier. If you love them too, there are fantastic deals all over Hamilton County. Take advantage of Tenderloin Tuesdays while you can! Don't forget to share your dining adventures by using #TenderloinTuesday on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to enter to win prizes!


Tenderloin Tuesday