I can not lie, I love beauty pageants. Since I was a little girl, the women in my family have gathered around their TVs during pageants and selected their favorite contestant. It is like Fantasy Football for the Pageant world. "Oh I nailed it, my girl just won Miss Photogenic!" We call each other with guesses and updates, we marvel at the pretty gowns, the interesting answers and the bathing suits that get smaller with each passing year. So imagine my delight when several months ago I learned that the 2010 Miss Indiana USA & 2010 Miss Indiana Teen USA pageant would be held in Hamilton County? I quickly volunteered my spectator services and hoped for an invite. When our Sales Manager, Kori, asked me to accompany her to the pageant on November 1, I casually accepted and said it would be good material for the blog. Imagine my delight when we walked in to the gorgeous Renaissance Hotel and were immediately surrounded by a sea of ball gowns, tiaras and long hair. Excited girls strolled by, preparing for their big moment on stage. When the pageant actually started, I was impressed by how much it was like a pageant you would see on TV. The lighting perfectly highlighted the girls as they confidently walked the stage, while the crowd cheered and held signs in support of their daughter, sister, best friend. I quickly selected my personal "favorite contestants" and eagerly watched as the group was narrowed down to the top 10, top 5 and then the winners. First, Madeline Plesac of Valparaiso was named the Teen winner, then, Allison Biehle of North Vernon was crowned Miss Indiana USA. Kori and I stood with the rest of the crowd as they clapped for the girls. It was a great afternoon - I hope I will watch the 2011 pageant from the audience!