It is not a Bigger-is-Better World for Hamilton County Par Threes

Among the some 300 holes of public golf in Hamilton County, our Par 3's, tucked between long twisting Par 5's and crafty Par 4's, are often overlooked. We've constructed an 18 hole course made up solely of our county's more interesting Par 3's. We have two nines-the North 9, published today and the South 9, courses below 146th street, coming in a later edition.

Hole 1. "Monster Mountain", the 9th at Forest Park, Noblesville. The oldest par 3 in the county has the Honors. It is short but has a 35 foot uphill, mostly hidden green with severe downslopes. If the ball doesn't reach the green, it is back at your feet.

Hole 2. "Hell's Half Acre", the 17th at Purgatory, Noblesville. With a sea of extensive crushed limestone bunkering before you get to the green, it is the course's most photographed signature hole. But, hey, it's better than water. You can hit your second shot! (See picture)

Hole 3. "Paradise", the 16th at Bear Slide, Cicero. It has elevated tees from a ridge overlooking a small green fronted by a meandering trickle of Bear Slide Creek. It's peaceful. It's pleasant. It's "Paradise" until a mis-club hit...then it's Punishment.

Hole 4. "Mystery Pines", the 16th at Pebble Brook, South course. This hole provides a bit of club selection intrigue. The teeing ground is below the hole and tall pines behind the green block prevailing south winds. A wrong club or swing can find a front bunker or OB left.

Hole 5. "The Watering Hole", is the 8th at Fox Prairie, West nine, Noblesville. Shots must carry a pond, a deep bunker, and a severe slope to reach a narrow green. As tee shots start their descent, golfers' eyes tighten in watchful hope that each difficulty is overcome and their ball lands safely.

Hole 6. "Highlander", the 11th at Stony Creek, Noblesville. After a hairpin turn on the Tenth hole. This par 3 presents a simple straight downhill shot to a small green, guarded by water and wetland. Short in distance but long in challenge.

Hole 7. "All Carry", the 14th at Wood Wind, Westfield. This short, eye appealing hole is more beast than beauty to most golfers. Water confronts the shot all the way to front sloping green. Bunkers in the back act as a billboard not to hit it too long. It's more a panic than a scenic tour. (See picture)

Hole 8 "Links of Demand", the 2nd at Pebble Brook, North course, Noblesville. Its length with tall overhanging trees on the left narrows the best shot pattern to a curl in from the right side. Deep bunkers short and left catch hits with too much draw. This demanding test comes early in the round.

Hole 9. "The Impenetrable Fortress", the 3rd at Purgatory, Noblesville. A classic redan military defensive design, the green is uphill with a hidden back section that spreads low behind a narrow front portion. Deep bunkers left and right suggest a straight frontal assault as the only chance to score.