Nestled in the heart of Indiana, Hamilton County offers a serene and picturesque backdrop for those seeking to find balance, peace, and wellness through yoga. With a diverse range of yoga studios, unique experiences like goat yoga, and delightful refueling options, this county provides the perfect setting to unwind, rejuvenate, and connect with your inner self. Join us as we delve into the world of yoga in Hamilton County, discovering where to practice, embracing unique experiences, and refueling with healthy delights.

Yoga Studios in Hamilton County

The Hot Room, Fishers

If you're looking to embrace the transformative power of hot yoga, The Hot Room in Fishers is the place to be. With classes that range from traditional hot yoga to high-energy power vinyasa, this studio offers a dynamic range of practices that challenge and invigorate the body and mind.

Prairie Guest House, Fishers

Home to Enlightened Yoga, grab your mat and reserve your spot for cozy session.  Enlightened Yoga offers classes in Vinyasa, Yoga Sculpting, and Meditation.  They even offer annual Yoga Retreats if you are craving an immersive yoga experience.

Shine Yoga & Wellness, Noblesville

For those seeking a sense of community and exploration, Shine Yoga has a lot to offer. With classes ranging from basic yoga, all level, strength and flexibility, and restorative yoga. Challenge your team with their workplace wellness or have them at your next private event.

Source Yoga, Fishers

Source Yoga is independently owned and has called Fishers home since 2005.  They are a functional alignment focused studio with sessions designed to build flexibility, strength, and balance.  Offering classes from Hatha to Chair yoga, they offer a fun and unique yoga experience.

The Yoga Studio, Carmel

If you are looking for a more dynamic and challenging yoga, look no further than The Yoga Studio. This is a hot yoga studio with an Ashtanga based practice. Each class will have you working on your flexibility, strength, and endurance.



Unique Experiences: Cat Yoga and Beyond

Hamilton County takes yoga to the next level by offering unique experiences that go beyond traditional practices.

Smitten Kitten Cat Cafe, Fishers

For feline enthusiasts looking to combine their love of yoga with their affection for cats, Smitten Kitten Cat Café offers the purr-fect experience. Participants can unwind and stretch amidst playful kitties, fostering a sense of joy and relaxation. Whether it's downward-facing cat poses or savasana with a furry friend by your side, this unique experience promises to uplift the spirits and warm the heart.

Pure Soul Paddle Board Yoga, Carmel

Challenge yourself on the water with paddle board yoga!  Pure Soul is designed to bring all types of skill levels together in an adventurous and safe way.  Welcoming age groups from 5-81, they offer guided classes and will fit your needs whether you are a beginner or advanced.  They operate year-round, in the summer they operate in the Monon Lagoon and during winter, head inside at the pool at the Monon Community Center.

Honor Yoga, Fishers

While Honor Yoga offers traditional yoga, a unique and fun experience they offer is Aerial yoga.  With hammocks as your support, try out this fun yet restorative experience.  This practice is great for posture, as well as creating a safe space for emotional and physical healing.


Refueling with Nourishing Delights

After a rejuvenating yoga session, nourish your body with healthy and delicious options available in Hamilton County.

Rush Bowls, Fishers

Indulge in acai bowls, smoothies, and health-conscious options at Rush Bowls.  These nutrient-rich bowls provide the perfect post-yoga fuel to recharge your body and satisfy your taste buds.

Garden Table, Carmel

Grab your friends and head over to Garden Table for a delicious brunch with food made from natural ingredients and harvested by local farmers.  They also have fresh cold-pressed juices to enjoy in restaurant or to-go.

Everbowl, Noblesville

Enjoy nature in a bowl, superfood that will energize the body and ground the mind. Just what your body needs to recover from yoga.

Hamilton County, Indiana, is a haven for yoga enthusiasts and those seeking a holistic approach to wellness. With a variety of yoga studios catering to different styles, unique experiences like goat yoga and SUP yoga, and a selection of health-conscious eateries, this county provides a well-rounded experience for individuals looking to find tranquility, balance, and connection within themselves. Whether you're a local or a visitor, Hamilton County offers an inviting space to explore the profound benefits of yoga while enjoying the charm of its surroundings.