Lights Out! Whys, Wonders, and Wows

520 E Main St
Carmel, IN 46032
Presented By: Carmel Planetarium
Dates: March 8, 2024
Time: 7:00 PM and 8:00 PM
Price: $3-$5
  • Overview

    Sudden darkness during a sunny day? The moon turning deep red? Explore fascinating stories about the rare and awesome eclipses, and find out when an eclipse is coming next to a sky near you! This is a multimedia extravaganza taking place in the Carmel Planetarium!

    Dr. Melinda Soares-Furtado narrates the recorded portion or our show.  Dr. Soares-Furtado is an Astrophysicist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

    *All information is accurate at the time of posting – content is subject to change.

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