Tourism Gives

Innkeepers tax dollars through Hamilton County Tourism have contributed more than $7.5 million in grants and support funding since 2005. A full 20% of the 2018 budget will be spent on Community Development, or roughly $1,000,000, including:

  • Up to $17,000 Hamilton County Sports Authority grant and sponsorship funding in addition to thousands of bid securement funds
  • $90,000 Community Development grant and event sponsorship funding
  • Enterprise Fund dollars, some of which could focus on projects that make a difference in tourism 
  • $400,000 Special Projects funding
  • $262,000 bond debt service for projects that took place in all four communities in 2012-current
  • $200,000 Nickel Plate Arts funding, a project which supports the five communities in eastern Hamilton County
  • $3,500 in partnership trade for charitable fundraising donations
  • $40,000 in marketing co-op money

Major projects that Hamilton County Tourism has supported include Grand Park, The Center for the Performing Arts – Palladium in Carmel, Conner Prairie Balloon Voyage and Conner House re-restoration in Fishers, Fishers Nickel Plate District Amphitheater, Noblesville Welcome Center, Strawtown Koteewi Park, hospitality corridor signage for the City of Carmel, Nickel Plate Arts campus development in ongoing support, ballpark enhancements throughout the county and various Zagster installations.

In addition to funding, Hamilton County Tourism regularly explores other opportunities to support community development:

  • HCT employees are provided volunteer hours each year to volunteer at the organization of their choice.
  • The staff works with local experts to raise awareness about social issues that intersect with tourism, such as the creation of a human trafficking training process to educate front-line hotel staff on how to identify and help potential victims of human trafficking.
  • Gift packages with goods and gift certificates from local businesses are given to charitable organizes for silent auctions, fundraisers, etc.
  • HCT has an aggressive recycling program for brochure development & distribution, uses fuel-efficient company vehicles, and recycles plastic and aluminum goods used by staff during the workday.
  • Hamilton County Tourism’s subsidiary, the Hamilton County Sports Authority, provides funding for tournaments and programs.
  • Give Back While You Gather is a program for groups that want to serve during a conference, wedding or event.

Questions about the Hamilton Count Tourism Gives grant program should be directed to Sarah Buckner, Tourism Development Manager

Tourism Gives - Guidelines