The Hamilton County Economic Development Corporation believes that a community that fosters inclusiveness and diversity creates a better place to live, work, learn and play.  Our society as a whole has some work to do and we support the need to listen, learn,  and help build a community that is equitable, diverse and inclusive to all.

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Please support our local businesses that have now re-opened.   

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Noblesville Courthouse

There's No Place Like Home

Travel bloggers find their home in Fishers Indiana It’s not often that you hear travelers say, “There’s no place like home,” but there’s something truly special about living in Hamilton County. My husband, Mike, and I left Chicago in 2015 to plant our roots here. We were looking for a smaller…

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A Place that Checks All the Boxes

Veteran couple chooses Hamilton County Indiana as their new home A year or two ago, we sat down and asked ourselves, what do we want from life? Our kids weren’t babies any more, we were wrapping up our careers in the military, and we were starting a new chapter. We wanted to have a plan. So we made…

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Living the Dream

Smaller is better. That’s one of the lessons I learned when I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do for a career. I was in my twenties, working in the food-services industry, and I quickly saw that I preferred working in smaller restaurants. I later realized that I feel that same way about…

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Surprising Hamilton County

How moving to the Midwest town of Westfield Indiana came out on top when comparing to other cities Sometimes I joke that I came to Hamilton County kicking and screaming. You have to understand: During my career, I’ve lived in some pretty cool places. New York City. Shanghai. Charlotte. Atlanta…

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Welcome Home to Hamilton County, Indiana

Home for the holidays? A lot has changed in Hamilton County. While you’re here, look around and picture yourself back home again in Indiana – with a great job in a vibrant community. Discover why Hamilton County has been awarded so many “Best Places” accolades in the country. It all starts with Hoosier hospitality and the quality of life that the county has invested in to enhance the lives of residents, employers and workers…

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Quality of Life, Quality of Place

The perfect personal and professional fit for both family and employees For me, choosing Hamilton County was a matter of both personal and professional fit. When Jim Barnes and I started enVista in 2002, we worked from home near South Bend, and our employees worked out of virtual offices and…

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Finding Home

Realizing community fit is key even if moving within the Midwest You might think one Midwestern city is pretty much like any other. But, having moved from Cincinnati to Westfield, I can tell you that, from a community feel, it couldn’t be more different. In only one year in Hamilton County, I have…

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Life is Good

When we bought our house in Westfield, one of the things I liked about it was the wheat field on the other side of the tree line in the backyard. As a guy who grew up on a farm outside Cincinnati, I liked having that field as a buffer between me and other homes. Then, one fall, after all the leaves…

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Everything Is Here!

Both my parents’ families live in Chicago, so, when I was growing up in Noblesville, we were always traveling up to Chicago. And I used to think, “I want to live here. Everything’s here.” I guess it’s typical to want to move away from where you grew up, and I’ve always been a city girl at heart…

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A Great Investment

As a banker, I’m very aware of fiscal responsibility. I like to know money is being used the way it’s supposed to be. And, as a banker who spent most of his life in Puerto Rico, I’m especially interested in knowing how my tax dollars are spent. In Puerto Rico, I often felt my tax dollars weren’t put…

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