For millions of Americans, a career in the travel industry is the ticket to a successful future. In fact, 22% of Americans began their careers in the travel industry, and you can, too!

Did you know working in travel and hospitality can not only be rewarding and exciting – it can help you go farther in your career path?

Whether you seek secondary education or prefer to jump right into the workforce after high school – or you're simply looking for a job – travel can help kick start your career.

1. It doesn’t take long to work your way up the hospitality ladder.

Tourism and hospitality careers provide vertical opportunity. That means you can go much farther, even without a college degree, because there are fewer barriers to moving up the ladder.

Hotel Front Desk Worker Speaking on a Phone

2. More than half of all travel jobs earn a middle-class wage or higher.

Did you know the travel industry is one of the top 10 largest employers of middle-class wage earners in the U.S.? Most jobs in hotels now pay $12 or more per hour in wages with opportunities for advancement and higher pay. According to U.S. Travel, Americans whose first job was in travel went on to earn a maximum average salary of $82,400 by the time they were 50 years old—higher than workers whose first jobs were in manufacturing, health care and most other industries.

Worker Scanning a Ticket at the Ruoff Music Center

3. Hospitality jobs develop skills that are recognized by any industry and valued by ever future employer.

You’ll develop a skill set that is valuable for any future career move, like problem-solving, critical thinking, customer service and teamwork.

Smiling Woman Standing Behind a Hotel Front Desk

4. A career in the hospitality industry allows for flexibility.

Do you want to go back to school and earn a bachelor’s degree? With a career in the hospitality industry, it’s possible. According to U.S. Travel, of the 6.1 million Americans working part-time while pursuing higher education in 2018, more than half were employed in travel-related industries. Among workers who began their careers in the travel industry, nearly one-third (32%) eventually earned at least a bachelor’s degree.

Chiba Server Wearing a Face Mask and Carrying a Plate of Sushi

5. Career opportunities range from hotel housekeeping to front desk hospitality, food service, maintenance and hotel sales or general management.

No matter your skill set or experience level, there is a perfect role for you in the travel industry. Many employees start in back-of-house positions like housekeeping before they advance to customer-facing roles like General Manager or Director of Sales.


Attractions like Grand Park Sports Campus, Ruoff Music Center and Conner Prairie make this a great place to visit and work for travel. We’d love to have you join the hospitality team in our community.

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